Lodolandia's mobile sales points are a perfect solution for seasonal business. They provide franchisees with the opportunity to limit the costs of managing a business to zero during low season. During the post-sales period we do not incur rental costs which would otherwise apply if hiring space in a stationary point. We have produced several hundred food trailers for selling ice cream which gave us vast knowledge of both constructional solutions, as well as the equipment. Our solutions have been tested on our own sales points which allowed us to achieve a top notch perfection. The technical solutions which we implement enable installing the trailer in any sales point in less than an hour. Getting rid of elements such as, for example, re-attachable tiller, or using wheel plugs have significantly enhanced aesthetics advantages of the point. Cooperation with Lodolandia allows the franchisees to avoid many mistakes which have a huge impact on optimal functioning of a sales point.





We have tested many ice cream makers. Thanks to the experience gained we can offer our franchisees machines which are both the highest quality as well as affordable. The machines have warranty with a full maintenance service which includes the delivery of a substitute machine. This allows the Franchisee to fully concentrate on optimising sales results.






The most important factor for business success is, without a doubt, location. With this in mind, Lodolandia provides specific places which maximise sales results due to their specifications. Sales points are located mostly near shopping centres which ensure a steady flow of customers, 7 days a week, from morning to evening, for 6 months of sales. We work with the biggest retail chains including Tesco, Kaufland or Inter Ikea, which allows us to provide our Franchisees with top locations in the entire country!




We help our Franchisees on every step. We also realise the significance of appropriately selected financing for the new Franchisees. We look at each case individually. This is why we have created a vast array of solutions which enable starting a business with a minimal personal contribution - starting from 10 thousand Polish Zloty, also for individuals who are only starting their business activity. Such model allows every person with entrepreneurial skills to start a business. The business owner achieves a quick return rate of incurred investment, thanks to the attractive terms of financing with borrowed capital.




The most important step after starting a business, sourcing finances, selecting location, training and receiving a ready trailer with an ice cream machine, is to start the sales. We know how important our support for the Franchisees is at this stage. We guarantee full support, provide a tasted delivery system of the highest quality goods straight to the sales point, full maintenance service and a sales control toolkit. Throughout the entire duration of cooperation we also offer a complex marketing support.





Lodolandia is a recognised chain appreciated by the customers. We focus on quality and high standards of production and service - satisfaction of customers who return and recommend us to others is of the utmost importance. We apply great care to maintaining high standards of quality. Thanks to this, we are certain that in each of our locations customers get ice cream which are prepared according to the original recipe which guarantees our favourite flavour.






tel.: +48 537 631 631


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